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The Significance and Function of Cosmetic Packaging

1. In the cosmetic packaging design, the brand of goods should first be highlighted.

Nowadays, consumers all advocate famous brand names, so highlighting brand is a very important strategic means for an enterprise. It plays a vital role in the sale of products.
The cosmetic packaging that highlights the brand generally highlights the brand name on the packaging picture. In the design, a product logo image or brand character is generally taken as the center, pursuing simplicity and highlighting logo. It can be divided into using the standard color of the brand as the main, using the brand logo graphics as the main and using the logo font as the main. In a word, we should highlight the brand, convey it to consumers in a unified image on packaging, and let consumers accept and recognize the brand naturally and unconsciously.

2. Emphasizing the characteristics of products

In the design of cosmetic packaging, it is important to show all kinds of information about the contents of packaging. We should present the most attractive and competitive advantages to consumers, so that consumers can quickly understand and love this product at first sight. For example, they can reflect the unique characteristics of commodity positioning through color, shape, abstract graphics, packaging materials, text and other means. Let consumers directly feel the uniqueness of this product through packaging.

3. Design different series of packaging for different consumers.

Custom cosmetic packaging focuses on specific consumer objects, which generally have very clear consumer objects. Aiming at these situations, such as consumers' age, education, occupation, psychological needs, aesthetic needs and so on, we design unique cosmetic packaging that meets their taste. Through such a specific packaging design, consumers can feel that this product is tailor-made for themselves, which can increase the stickiness of consumers to the product, and thus they will become loyal fans of the product.

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