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Envelope Flower Box Packaging Method

The envelope flower box is the most romantic and chic of all flowers. Use flowers instead of letterhead to put all your love in the envelope and give it to each other. How can such a fascinating gift be fully demonstrated to show its beauty?

When making an envelope flower box, match the different flower materials according to the color of the flower box. The same color is the best. If you encounter a colorful flower box, you can also choose one of the colors to match the flower material, so that the envelope flower box has a unique language and is brought to the person who receives it.

If you want to match a special flower in a flower box, such as a sunflower or a phalaenopsis, we must first consider the position of the main flower, then pick other flowers to match it. . The focus of the entire work can be highlighted.

The pattern of the envelope flower box is very important. Good-looking is of course more popular! The envelope flower box belongs to one side, so the flower material should be long when the flower is inserted, the flower material in front should be short, and the middle layer should pay attention to the level. Branches of flowers can diverge to the left and right or divergence to one side. Remember that levels and curves are very important points.

If the envelope flower box is more distinctive, the envelope should be decorated. If you want to increase the richness of the flower box packaging, you can add some flower box wrapping paper with the same color of the flower box, or add beautiful ribbons, decorations, stickers, cards. In short, as the messenger of the transmission of love, we must make a beautiful work that impresses the softheart of the flower harvester!

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