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Why Do You Need a Wine Box? What Are the Craftsmanship of the Cylinder Wine Box?

Custom cylinder wine boxes are very common, but many customers have only a vague idea of what a wine box can bring to wine. Now the competition in the wine market is quite fierce. How to stand out in the fierce competition still needs to look at the skills of the cylinder wine box.

Ⅰ. The importance of cylinder wine boxes

At present, the outer packaging of wine plays an important guiding role in the sales process. With the in-depth development of the global wine market and changes in people's consumption concepts, more and more attention has been paid to the customization of wine box wholesale cardboard tube packaging.

The outer packaging of wine is like a beautiful coat, which can attract consumers' attention and arouse a strong desire to buy. The customization of wine box packaging can be said to have great flexibility, but it should be as comprehensive and coordinated as possible to give consumers a wider range of choices.

Therefore, the cylinder wine box is actually trying to fit the product itself as much as possible in terms of thinking, and in reality, its own wine can open up the market.

Ⅱ. Process selection of cylinder wine box

Exquisite cylinder wine box can bring a different customer experience and higher returns. What crafts do cylinder wine boxes need to use to make them better?

1. Reverse UV, suitable for gold and silver cardboard, is a matte contrast effect directly from the printing machine. The matte surface has a matte feel and visual effect (there are three options of coarse, medium and fine), and the glossy surface is the UV effect (usually LOGO and important graphics and text use UV). It would be even better if you could do a reverse pattern, and a series can use this reverse pattern. There is a lot of power in marketing.

2. Bronzing, bronzing is a process that can increase the added value of products, and cylinder wine boxes can be done more or less. With metallic effect and texture, it can be downgraded and improved.

3. Convex, this is to highlight the text or pattern that is the key expression of a package. And have a touch. There are two kinds of common bumps, one is ordinary bumps, which is a whole piece of bumps, and the other is relief, which can be divided into layers. The effect is that the relief embossing is better and more graded.

If you want to make a good cylinder wine box, you must find the product positioning and understand the value that each process can bring, so that you can make a good wine box.

And it is also very important to find the right cylinder food packaging manufacturer. A good manufacturer makes the customer's cylinder wine box more market-convincing.

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