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Apparel Packaging

Nowadays, clothes have become people's favorite. It's the trend of the times. Many people buy clothes depending on the clothes packaging box. No matter how beautiful the clothes are, how much they like them. As long as the packaging box doesn't like it so much, the clothes will probably give up buying. Obviously, the design of the clothes packaging box is also the same. It's very important. Clothing packaging boxes can be designed in a variety of styles. In Europe and America, plaid shirts have similar stripes. Japanese and Korean style is more lady, there is a lovely, mature model, Bohemian style is retro, there are mixed style, and military-style. Various. Therefore, the design of clothing packaging boxes should also be based on the different styles of clothes with different colors.

Apparel Packaging List

  • Shirt Box Shirt Box All we know, Shirts belong to the clothing category of products, there are men's, women's, even children's shirts. There are many kinds. Therefore, for the packaging, there is the corresponding packag...
  • Wallet Box Wallet Box When it comes to wallets, the first thing that comes to mind is LV wallets.A world-famous brand is also a brand pursued by millions of women. Purses from well-known brands are usually packaged in more...
  • Socks Box Socks Box Vigorously developing green packaging and printing is the concrete manifestation of circular economy in packaging and printing industry, the essential requirement of developing circular economy and co...
  • Underwear Box Underwear Box The underwear boxes made by our factory are paper products, while the underwear storage boxes are usually made of plastic.
  • Tie Box Tie Box When wearing a formal suit with a beautiful tie, which is both beautiful and generous and gives a sense of elegance and solemnity.
  • Shoe Box Shoe Box Did you have the headache to think about the packaging boxes for your shoes? Did you dissatisfied with the ordinary packaging box?
  • Belt Box Belt Box Are you still trying to wrap your gifts without any ideas? You don't need to waste your time anymore, try out those beautiful gift box instead!
  • Hat Box Hat Box Your exquisite products are beautiful and charming, but you still don't find a perfect packaging to make them more attractive.
  • Other Apparel Packaging Other Apparel Packaging Considering the commitment to clothing box packaging and custom clothing packaging printing company? Still not find the right one?

Apparel packaging boxes have many meanings.

1. It can protect the packaged goods from risks and damage, such as leakage, waste, theft, loss, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration, which is the most important role. Protective measures are very important during the period from production to use. The packaging is a failure if it fails to protect the contents.

2. Provide convenience for handling. Manufacturers, marketers, and customers need to move their products from one place to another. Packaging can be convenient for handling.

3. Facilitate the identification of commodities. The package must be marked with the product type, quantity, brand and the name of the manufacturer or retailer. Packaging can help warehouse managers find products accurately, and also help consumers find what they want.

4. The most important point is to promote the sale of goods. Good packaging can improve the attractiveness of new products. The value of the packaging itself can also cause consumers to buy a product. The packaging is also an important means to increase the added value of products. Novel, unique, exquisite and reasonable packaging can ensure the added value of goods.

We can make any customized apparel packaging if you provide the design. If you do not have a design, don’t worry, you can provide your products and your requirements, we do the design for you.
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