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Food Packaging

The food packaging which we can provide are chocolate boxes, candy boxes, dates boxes, Macarons box, moon-cake boxes, etc.

Food Packaging List

  • Wine Box Wine Box The wine box is invented by Thomas Angove, a winemaker from Renmark, South Australia. The box was invented in 1965 and has been around for more than 50 years now. In the past 50 years, the box has bec...
  • Chocolate Box Chocolate Box According to Nelson's snack report, chocolate is the second most popular snack following fresh fruit. There are plenty of chocolate-addicted consumers around the world. More consumers will feel happy ...
  • Cake Box/Cupcake Box Cake Box/Cupcake Box Eating is the most primitive and important need for human beings. It is the first requirement of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Humans are obsessed with desserts such as cake and cupcake. Many people ar...
  • Coffee Box Coffee Box More than 70 countries around the world grow and produce coffee, and coffee drinkers are worldwide, and the chain of coffee-related industries is incalculable in size. Coffee plays different roles in ...
  • Cookie Box Cookie Box In the new economic era, it is not the big fish that eat the small fish, but the fast fish that eat the slow fish. For the enterprise at the top of the industry, it is not to follow the times, but to ...
  • Tea Box Tea Box Everyone enjoy perfect tea with family, friends or as a gift for someone special. A tea gift box perfect for the tea lover in your life.
  • Candy Box Candy Box The candy box is an excellent gift to announce a birth, congratulate young parents or celebrate a christening in an original way.
  • Sushi Box Sushi Box Packaging determines the image of the product in the consumer's eyes. The packaging is approached as a sales strategy project in your target market. The image that the product wants to create in the t...
  • Other Food Packaging Other Food Packaging Food packaging plays a vital role in preserving food throughout the distribution chain. Without packaging, the processing of food can become compromised as it is contaminated by direct contact with ph...

Safe Food Packaging materials

When food to be packed, it always because it is a gift. So all the food packaging can be a gift packaging. But when it comes to food packaging, the material should be environmental friendly and food safety.

We purchase material from the suppliers which have FSC certifications, SGS certifications and US FDA certifications, to ensure that all the material we use to make food packaging is safe to pack food. Not only the material,but also the ink and glue are environmental friendly. The ink we use to do printing is soybean oil ink. Soybean oil is a edible OIL, which can be decomposed into the natural environment. In addition, SOYBEAN INK is a environmentally friendly INK with various kinds of vegetable OIL inks. It is also abundant in production, inexpensive (especially in the United States), safe and reliable in performance, good in printing and in compliance with printing ink standards, and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional ink, soybean ink has bright color, high concentration, good luster, good water adaptability and stability, resistance to friction, resistance to drying and other properties. Soybean ink keep the quality of printing and make food packaging safe. The glue we use for food packaging is a new kind of source of environmental friendly gule, pollution-free glue, which has strong as normal glue. Make the box glue hard as rock.

There is another important material which food packaging usually used, it is PET tray.The packaging like chocolate boxes and Marcarons boxes always require to come with a tray inside the box to pack the chocolates and Marcarons. The most popular material of the tray is transparent PET. Which is environmental friendly and food safety. The tray sometimes come with a tissue paper to cover the food.If it is a chocolate box, there will be a corrugated paper to put inside the packaging, for prevention of collision.
So food packaging always comes in set,box, tray and tissue paper or anti-collision paper.

Absolutely ,all of them should be food grade material.
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