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More than 70 countries around the world grow and produce coffee, and coffee drinkers are worldwide, and the chain of coffee-related industries is incalculable in size. Coffee plays different roles in different countries and stages of history. Some see it as a divine elixir of worship, and some see it as a daily necessity for work or after meals. There are many kinds of coffee, not only the variety of coffee plants, coffee bean processing methods, and production areas are different, give coffee different flavor characteristics. There are countless interesting coffee facts you've never heard of.

Because of the special nature of coffee, there are many coffee super fans in the world, or they are addicted to it. Coffee drinkers are more likely to be in the 20-40 age group and to be in the upper-middle-income bracket, according to some big data. Based on these data, the box of coffee includes coffee cardboard box is more elegant and needs to highlight the personage, Different brands of coffee are trying to prop up their brand fans. No matter there are popular brands, Nestle coffee, Starbucks coffee, or the high-end ones that everyone can consume Luwak coffee, Molokai coffee, Hacienda La Esmeralda (Panama), all coffee brand have nice design coffee boxes in every year.

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We have over 10 years of experience making coffee gift boxes, depending on where the coffee is sold, Or consumer features, we not only could offer cheaply made, easy to use coffee boxes but also could do fancy coffee boxes for gift giving, further we will also be available on some major festivals to coincide with the holiday atmosphere of the corresponding coffee boxes. The aroma of the wine also fears the lane depth, no matter what your coffee features, now send an email to us, let us discuss with you what is the most suitable for your coffee box.
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