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Bracelet Box

There are some options of bracelet and bangle box on our website. All of our paper boxes are available in a special assortment of sizes, wonderful colors and individual patterns. Please click on "product catalog- jewelry box- bracelet box" to narrow down your findings if you search on our website.

Bracelet Box List

Browse our websites and customize your bracelet boxes

If you are shopping bracelet & bangle box by color, a wide option of color can be selected, Pantone color and CMYK 4 colors are available, as well as fun elements and popular pattern can be added. 

When you are looking for bracelet & bangle box according to the type of box, drawer box, book shape box, and box with top and bottom lid are more popular. Of course, In the shape of a box, we accept to custom the bracelet box in round, square, rectangle, triangle, heart, all kinds of special-shape.

If you find the bracelet & bangle box by inner tray and accessories, we can custom the inner tray and inner foam according to the size of your products. Generally, sponge, EVA, paper card, leather, blister, something mounted velvet, something mounted flocking are used to make an inner tray to hold and protect your bracelet and bangle. About the accessories, the ribbon is often used to decorate boxes, so that the bracelet box as a gift box.

As we all know, market competition covers more than the internal quality of the products. The product packaging also plays an increasingly important role. Sometimes, it is vital to product sales. A unique and attractive bracelet box can give customers a first great impression of your product directly. So when customizing the box for your bracelet, we pay great attention to the quality and details of the box. We strive for a common goal: to create the most perfect quality visual image for your enterprise, to further expand the potential value of brand culture.
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