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Makeup Palette Packaging

EXTRA LINK is one of the most professional China blank eyeshadow palette suppliers. One of the most important parts of a women life today is makeup. This is the reason that new makeup brands are being launched on a regular basis. But, the success of these boxes depends on how these are presented. Makeup palette boxes play a vital role when it comes to packaging and presentation of makeup items.

Makeup Palette Packaging List

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Customized makeup palette boxes are produced out of either an environment- friendly material or non-environment-friendly material (choice of the customer). These  palette custom packaging boxes can further be printed using latest machines and technologies. Having them printed with quality ink improves the presentation that increases its chances of being sold-out. Customized makeup boxes are an ideal solution to let a particular brand stand out in the market. This empty palette packaging can be made available in any shape and size with free designing support.

These creative palettes can be designed in a wide selection of materials, treatments, and embellishments to fit your brand. To further customize your packaging, a popular trend such as bright metallics, iridescent, and a mix and match of prints can be added to give your packaging a luxurious look and feel.

Makeup palette packaging can also be created to look like your favorite clutch, journal or tin. Packaging like this is also the perfect accessory to add to your retail collection and further customize your brand. They can be created into any shape of your choosing whether it is a heart shape or a simple rectangle. Along with custom shapes, adding embellishments such as metallic hot stamping, embossing, Varnishing, spot UV, or matte or gloss lamination will be sure to brighten up your palettes.

For more packaging inspiration, you can also contact us to create your own custom cardboard eyeshadow packaging or check out the most popular makeup palettes on our website.
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