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Lipstick Packaging

Lipstick is the product that a broad female friend loves. So its packaging is also based on beauty.

Lipstick packaging can be separated into two categories. One is square, one is a cylinder. Square lipstick cases generally have a large requirement in the Chinese market, such as folding boxes, hardcover boxes. Folding boxes are the most used because they are cheaper. We can use inverse UV to brighten up the whole box. It's going upscale. Sometimes a fancy paper holder is added inside to secure and protect the product from damage caused by transportation. A hardcover box is what we call a cardboard box, with a special layer of paper or thin paper mounted on gray board, or to say, 157g C2S art paper wrap 1200g greyboard, this makes sense. The box can be made a little bigger, and an inner bracket can be appropriately added inside. Inner foam or PVC flocking is the material of the inner bracket, which looks very high-end. As for the way the box closes, you can make it interesting with the help of some accessories. Like nails, locks, or ribbons, or magnets. Another ingenious one is the cylinder. Some customers like to put lipstick directly inside our paper cylinder, and our cylinder can also be rotated, so that lipstick can also be used.

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There are many ways to do the cylinder. Top&bottom type can be made, flat cover can be made, the edge can be rolled up and down, flat top and bottom also can be made.

Sometimes we can make it into a box with a hardcover on the outside and a lipstick cylinder on the inside, adding some Lafite to make the whole look more feminine.

We have been in packaging customization filed with full experience, give us a picture, we can make it real. Give us your idea, we can make it a reality.

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