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Adhesive can be used to choose from much materials, C1S art paper, C2S art paper, holographic laminated stikcer, and silver sticker, gold sticker, clear PVC sticker, pet sticker, etc.

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Sometimes we can talk about the problems that we maybe meet in the process of printing the sticker, and below are some factors for the problem cause.

Causes the adhesive printing bad reasons:

1. plate-making level, adhesive 4 colors, and spot color combination, the process is divided into relief printing, offset printing, screen printing, different process requirements, film surface requirements are different. The level of computer designers directly affects the level of printing.

2. ink color, ink viscosity level. Adhesive spot color, the background color is particularly bad printing, spot color ink requirements of color accuracy, moderate viscosity.

3. paper factors, imported brands of paper, such as Eli adhesive cutting specifications, paper easy to ink, the adhesive layer does not overflow, solid paper. Domestic paper, especially some small brands, all kinds of quality problems, will affect the quality.

4. Equipment quality: the best self-adhesive printing equipment is the rotary press, but different orders should be considered with different equipment, according to the order difficulty, quantity, size and other factors to choose the printing equipment.

5. Printing technology: Adhesive printing technology needs many years of experience and savvy, different machines and equipment have different difficulties, such as the large background color of the rotary machine small white block are prone to ghosting, the solution to adjust the speed of the ink roller, at the same time with the small steel roller.

Of course, the above problems can be avoided in our production process. So you don't have to worry about quality. The above description is only intended to give you a better understanding of the source of the problem so that we know how to solve it.

If you have adhesive need to customize, welcome to contact us. We are willing to do our best for you.
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