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We can never live without books, thus we can never live without book printing. 

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Book printing can be divided into three stages:

1. Before printing: refers to the pre-printing work, generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, the output of film proofing, etc.

Need machines: cameras, design inspiration, typesetting tools, output devices, etc.

The Plate-making process is most important in this period,.Plate-making is divided into a woodcut, stone plate, movable type plate, screen plate, electroplating plate, photographic plate, plastic plate, rubber plate, photogrammetry plate, electronic plate-making, color laser phototypesetting system and so on.

Electronic color separation plate making is based on the principle of photoelectric conversion.

The electronic desktop system takes a step further. It only needs a color scanner to scan the image for color separation.

Another important part is typesetting is to assemble the original into a complete layout according to certain formats and requirements.

2. Printing: refers to the medium-term work of printing, the process of printing finished products through the printing press; Printing is the production of printed matter from the original text or picture.

There are four types of printing: relief, gravure, lithography, and screen. Because of the different versions of printing, the effect is different.
Lithographic printing is divided into lithographic printing, collotype printing, offset printing and other methods.

There are many kinds of offset presses, including monochrome, bichrome and four-color offset presses, as well as double-sided offset presses most popular printing machine brands are Komori and Heidelberg. They got the two-color version and CMYK color version. Pantone color printing is also popular in printing. The UV printing machine becomes more and more well-received now.

3. After printing: refers to the after-printing work, generally refers to the post-processing of printed materials including glue (film coating), UV, oil, beer, hot stamping, bumping, mounting, binding, cutting, etc., mostly used for publicity and packaging printing. The binding methods can be divided into the flat binding, horse-riding binding, thread-locking binding, gluing and so on. Now, generally thicker books are glued with thread-locking.
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