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Tube gift boxes are still relatively popular in the field of food and cosmetics.

The circular cartons must be made of paper tubes by a pipe winder and then pasted into shape. According to the shape of the box, there are two ways to make it: flat bottom and rolled edge.

Tube Gift Boxes List

Styles of the tube boxes 

There are many styles of the tube box we have been made before.

(1)Flat-bottomed round gift box. The bottom of the gift box cover is flat. This method requires a high degree of craftsmanship, slightly uneven, and can be seen on the surface of the wrapped paper. Therefore, it is advocated that 350 grams of cardboard be used for the surface sticker of the cover bottom. This kind of gift box is widely used in cosmetic box, chocolate box and so on.

(2)Ribbed round gift box. It means that the bottom of the cover of the gift box is rolled in by a machine, and then circular cardboard is pasted inside the tube. This method of making is relatively less demanding, fast and can be produced in large quantities, so the price is much lower than the former. This kind of gift box is commonly used on big quantity used boxes. Because when the paper ribbed in the machine, it gets a big quantity in one time. So if you are looking for a small quantity tube boxes, we will not suggest you make a ribbed box. Instead of it, you can choose the flat-bottomed one.

Our factory is professional in hand-working boxes, we order the tube from the tube factory and do the wrapping job on our own.

The tube factory has almost all the diameter size mold, Small to 10 mm diameter, up to 100 cm diameter of circular tube mold. And there are different thickness material you can choose. Depends on what kind of products you plan to pack in this tube box.
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