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Shopping is something you do almost every day, even a few times a day. Every purchase means consuming a shopping bag. Since plastic bags have been strongly resisted by environmentalists, paper bags have become increasingly popular shopping bags. Whether you're buying food, fruits, clothes or toys... you need a shopping bag. Every time you come back from the shopping mall, you could get a lot of shopping bag.

Do you know the value of shopping bags for brands? Boxes may change frequently, but merchants tend to maintain the design of their shopping bags. It's never easy to modify the design of a shopping bag. There may be occasions when a holiday season will briefly use a holiday-like shopping bag, but after the holiday, they will be replaced by the most fixed shopping bag style soon.

Bag List

  • Food Bag Food Bag Every day thousands of paper food bags are used in restaurants, bakeries, canteens, coffee shop, store, for candy, tea-leaf, coffee, baked goods, take-out food, popcorn, or more! We are a professional...
  • Shopping Bag Shopping Bag Why choose custom shopping bag?Paper shopping bags are great choice that does not require complex cutting nor folding and taping to wrapped the customer’s purchase beautifully out the door. Shopping ...
  • Gift Bag Gift Bag Our gift bags can always be bought by customers in a way they can always remember, thus making your customer's shopping experience to the next level with our custom gift bags.
Shopping bags are often printed on only two sides of their own logo or a short slogan so that consumers can tell at a glance which brand the shopping bag came from. So shopping bags for the role of brand communication is very important.

The paper bag material has a single C1S art paper, the C2S art paper, the white kraft paper or the yellow kraft paper, of course, you also can choose the special paper. A shopping bag with different effects can be made with different materials on the hand rope.

There is quite a lot of creative design of paper bags are becoming more and more popular, we often can see some excellent designers design of creative paper bags on the design web page, they are also very eye-catching.

Are you still buying paper bags without any logo as shopping bags for your shop? Still, want to waste the brand spread opportunity? Contact us now! Let's design the best shopping bag for you!
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