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Shirt Box

All we know, Shirts belong to the clothing category of products, there are men's, women's, even children's shirts. There are many kinds. Therefore, for the packaging, there is the corresponding packaging to decorate the product.

Shirt Box List

Shirt boxes for men and women

First of all, men's shirt boxes, most of the design of men's shirt boxes are gray or black series. The design is also very simple. Most only prints, matt or glossy lamination, are made from pits or cheaper gray materials. A few boxes will be made in hardcover, even gilded, embossed, or engraved. Women's shirt boxes are beautiful. Pink, red and gold dominate. The design is feminine. Box generally USES high-grade corrugated board box. Because women's shirt, some price is lower, so use the corrugated board is the best choice, also can make a pretty box with a cheap price.

Shirt boxes for children

Children's shirts are designed to look like cartoons. You can put characters from the most popular cartoons in it, which is definitely a bonus for packaging. When a child buys his favorite shirt and has such a favorite package, the popularity of the whole product and customer loyalty will be greatly enhanced. What a wonderful thing.The better the shirt, the more comfortable it needs to be. So, the better the shirt, the better the fabric, and the good fabric is always thin and crisp and flowing. Unless you often have to attend upper-class parties, you don't need to easily choose a silk shirt. For most business elites, high-count cotton is a good and safe choice for shirts. And good clothes can be matched with the corresponding silk paper mount ash board, made into a hardcover box to package. Or can choose pure cotton cloth directly mounted gray board.

So there are any manufacturers, customers need to do a shirt box, welcome to contact us!

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