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Other Cosmetic Packaging

"Everyone loves beauty". People have been pursuing cosmetics to beautify themselves since ancient times. What is cosmetics, what is skincare products? Makeup is used to decorate your face. And skincare products are used to maintain the skin. Every woman can do without makeup, but she must use skin care products. It can be said that in today's society, women who do not use skin care products have gone out of fashion.

Other Cosmetic Packaging

Mask boxes

Of makeup look delicate and direct show a person's spirit accomplishment, it is the embodiment of individual glamour more.
There are many kinds of cosmetics: masks, eye shadow, eyelashes, eyebrow pencil, mascara, foundation, fixing powder, and so on. They also have the corresponding packaging, such as a face pack. Mask boxes are selling very well in the Chinese market. Look temporarily, the entrance face film of abroad does not appear how old advantage. 
Domestic face film brand thousands of kinds, very much kind, of course among them also have good, have bad. Cheap, expensive, you name it. Glossy lamination or matt lamination, sometimes customers will demand to use touch feel lamination.

Eye shadow box

Eye shadow box domestic use plastic in the majority.But abroad more use of paper, because of paper than plastic strong plasticity. I can make the paper holographic finishing. We have a single order for eye shadow boxes for $500,000.So the potential of the market is very big. The eyeshadow box is made entirely of greyboard and covered with a layer of C2S art paper. The surface can be made with a layer of holographic film or touch feel lamination, and the logo can be embossed with gold. Now the embossed Rose gold is the most popular color. Of course, we can also use red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, black, white, laser gold, laser silver and so on. When you want to talk about this piece with me, we will take a picture of the stamping material for you to choose.

Eyelash box

Eyelash box is also a product that we do more. Most of the products on the market are glue eyelashes, but it is inevitable that some allergic people will not be able to stand, so magnet eyelashes appeared later. Our company not only has the ordinary eyelash box but also can put the magnet eyelash and eyelash curler box. If you are interested, please contact us.

Give us a picture, or give us an idea, and we will be able to do more than you expect.

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