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Printing Service


Elpackaging has been producing and customizing paper bag and paper box for a variety of industries over 10 years, in addition to this, we also offer printing service for catalog, brochure, and flyer, all kinds of catalog/brochure/flyer in all kinds of custom size can be acceptable to custom.

Catalogue/ Brochure/ Flyer Products List

What kind of needs does this printing service meet?

--Menu for restaurant, drinks shop
We can customize your menu through catalog, brochures or flyers. The contents of the menu can be presented in the form of pictures or text of any country language. In addition, we can make special menus according to your special requirements. For example, in summer, if you want to add summer elements in your menu to attract customer, we can add ice, seaside scenery or other relevant elements to it. What's more, the material of the menu is recyclable and environmental.

--Catalogue/brochure/flyer for company and product
It is essential that the company's brochure, product brochure and product catalogs in promoting the strength of the company and team and establishing brand image. We accept custom catalog and brochures for all walks of life. Accept matt/gloss lamination, UV, foil-stamping, embossing/debossing surface finishing, as well as accept simply print, folding, and book shape.

--Product catalog/brochure/flyer for a clothing store and shoe store
For clothing stores and shoe stores, product catalog/brochure/flyer is often used in the sales. Because some styles can be displayed to save space of the store. Even more important, customers can quickly get to know about the styles by them.

- -Brochure/flyer for Promotion sale
Brochure/flyer plays an important role in every promotion sale. They are a direct advertising way of promotion sales. We have advantages such as fast production, quick delivery and competitive price, which attracted many purchasers to make an order with us every year.
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