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Jewelry Box

Every woman who loves beauty will have a group of precious jewelry that she can't let go of. Wearing appropriate jewelry is just like an inaccessible part of a woman's body. The development of jewelry boxes is also constantly innovating, such as using mashup patterns for packaging, making new innovations in the pattern of packaging boxes. Whether external or internal, it will greatly improve the beautiful index and self-confidence of women. And a beautiful jewelry box can not only let the babies of beautiful women find a beautiful home but also reflect a woman's extraordinary aesthetic and taste. It is also an excellent choice for urban women to carry jewelry and embellish their life interest.

Jewelry Box List

  • Necklace Box Necklace Box Did you search for jewelry box packaging to make your gift look especially suitable for the customers?
  • Ring Box Ring Box Want to promote your beautiful wedding rings with a box? Want to pack your jewelry elegantly and enhance their attraction as well?
  • Earring Box Earring Box Have no idea about your packaging jewelry box? Don't know what to do & how to do? Worried about the packaging box not enough to catch customers' eye?
  • Watch Box Watch Box A lot of options of watch box for you to choose from—whether you specialize in luxury watches, vintage watches, regular watches, men/women watches, or smartwatches.
  • Cufflink Box Cufflink Box Cufflink jewelry box is produced in the most varied sizes and according to your wish in our factory from a buying quantity of over 500-1000 pieces.
  • Bracelet Box Bracelet Box There are some options of bracelet and bangle box on our website. All of our paper boxes are available in a special assortment of sizes, wonderful colors and individual patterns.
  • Other Jewelry Box Other Jewelry Box For a wide variety of options, Elpackaging proudly offers high-quality another jewelry box at customer friendly and competitive prices.
Jewelry boxes are divided into jewelry gift boxes and jewelry collection and display boxes.

 Jewelry gift boxes

A jewelry gift box can be either a single jewelry gift box or a set of jewelry gift boxes. For example, earrings and necklaces plus rings. There will be a bracket inside the gift box. It has a suitable place for every kind of jewelry. It can be well placed and displayed. When the recipient gets the gift box, it will be very surprised to open it. The bracket usually made with sponge, velvet, and cardboard. With some accessories on it, like metal hook, ribbon, nails. Depends on what kind of jewelry you plan to pack in it. We can design the most suitable bracket for your jewelry boxes.

Jewelry collection and display boxes

The storage and display boxes of jewelry are large in size and have many functions. They can be used to store many kinds of jewelry. Many jewelry storage boxes have a mirror for easy use. Some of the jewelry storage boxes are made by deep density cardboard and some of them are made by MDF, which is more stronger. The surface material maybe PU paper or fake leather paper, even leather have been used a lot now.
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