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I wonder if anyone has counted how many notebooks each person will use in their lifetime and post-it notes. If someone collects all the notebooks they've used in their lifetime, they should be able to see a lot of very memorable life experience and funny stories.

As a necessity, the notebook is always very important for everyone. Previously, only a portion of the stationery school supplies companies will need to design and order and sell notebooks. Now the notebook has been a carrier of the corporate culture. Most companies give notebooks as gifts to their clients at the beginning of the year, and some even give them away for free to visitors. Notebooks are not expensive to purchase, but they stay with users for a long time, so the value of business ads is very high.

Notebook Printing Products List

How to make a nice notebook?

General notebooks are divided into softcover notebooks and hardboard cover notebooks.

The material of soft cover notebook is usually 200gsm C1S art paper as cover and 80gsm two-side offset paper as inner pages' material. Then binding will choose the perfect binding or YO spiral.

The hardcover notebook's cover is made by 157gsm coated paper wrap to 1000gsm cardboard, then 80gsm two-side offset paper for the inside page, the binding mode is mainly sewing perfect binding or YO spiral.

There is a variety of different cover material we could choose, in addition to 157gsm coated paper, we can also choose special paper, leatherette paper or leather to do the cover.

If you need to do something special, we can add ribbon bookmarks or use a matte plastic board as a partition. Of course, we can also add a name card pocket on the back cover and the inside back cover could add a pocket also. By the way, you can also make a password lock for the notebook, or add a pen for the notebook.

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