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Festival Decoration Gift Box

How to stand out from the many products? Now consumers have too many choices when they face goods shelves in the shopping mall. An eye-catching packaging is very important. People are visual animals. They will take possession of the good-looking products and buy them. We are good at product unique shapes, complex surface finishing festival decoration gift box.

Festival Decoration Gift Box List

  • Christmas Gift Box Christmas Gift Box Every Christmas of the year is an important sales promotion event. We can confirm the design and arrange production in August or September, then ship Christmas gift boxes out in October and start selling final product on the shelves in November.
  • Valentine's Day Gift Box Valentine's Day Gift Box Valentine's Day is coming soon. Sharp-witted merchants will not miss such an important holiday. They will show off their skills to attract consumers' attention. One moment in time, most shopping malls...
  • New Year Gift Box New Year Gift Box New Year is a major holiday all over the world, and everyone will go on a shopping spree for New Year gifts. Most the people will visit each other during the festival, have different parties with frie...
  • Other Festival Gift Box Other Festival Gift Box I wonder if anyone knows how many gifts people will receive and how many gifts they will give out in their lifetime. Gifts are an indispensable part of everyone. Seems to go with everyone from birth t...

Festival Decoration Gift Box production processes:

  • Gloss and raised UV coatings
  • Pearlescent coatings
  • Glossy and matte lamination
  • Soft touch lamination
  • Line embossed
  • Flocking  
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Foil stamping and more

Our festival decoration gift box not only have unique styling, but also conform to usage habits, to provide a better experience for end-consumers. We have many years of experience producing unique custom holiday gift boxes that only produce high quality festival decoration gift box.

Product packaging as a part of the brand identification elements, it will lead consumers to think and associate with the brand extension, and affect the subsequent purchase and even the other products of the brand. If a product's positioning is cheap and good quality, then its packaging can be environmentally friendly, simple and colorful, and if a product's consumer group is primarily oriented towards high consumption, The package must be high-level, fashion sense, let the consumer feel this product really is worth that price, if the product is for a specific hobby or age consumers, then product packaging will also use corresponding elements to design. Our festival decoration gift box not only help consumers set the holiday mood for a particular holiday, but consumers will keep the packaging for store or decorate, so that we could establishing and communicating brand values once again. A nice festival decoration gift box can enhance brand value, increase brand added value and promote brand.
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