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In order to meet the needs of production and life, the people of the world have jointly created various folk cultures and important days worth commemorating in their lives. All nationalities and regions have their own festivals. It is an important part of world folk culture.

Gifts just like born with the festival. When the festival listed below comes, gifts are everywhere to see.


It is a festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is celebrated in Western Christian countries typical Easter gifts are associated with spring and regeneration: eggs, chickens, rabbits, flowers, especially lilies, are symbols of the season. We have made oval-shaped boxes are Easter eggs for LEGO in the past years. It is a famous toy for kids.


Halloween, also known as ghost's day, is the traditional western "ghost's day" - Halloween on October 31 every year. But the atmosphere of the day is far less "thrilling" than its name. When Halloween comes, children can't wait to wear colorful costumes, wear strange masks, carry a "Jack Lamp" to go home and ask adults for holiday gifts.

Valentine's Day Editor

St. Valentines Day, also known as St. Valentines Day. Maybe there are as many Valentines in the world as there are interpretations of the origins of Valentine's Day. Just as Chinese people now spend Christmas with almost fanatical enthusiasm, Valentine's Day has quietly penetrated into the minds of countless young people and become another important festival besides traditional Chinese festivals. But the origin and significance of Valentine's Day may not necessarily be known to most people. Valentine's Day originated in ancient Rome, is held on February 14 every year. It has become a favorite festival for young people in Europe and America.


It's on December 25. It's a festival to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christian churches hold special celebrations. Christians also sing hymns and visit their families.

Chinese New Year

It is an important festival, but also has many unique customs, such as households to clean up, the door to paste Spring Festival couplets, to paste the word "lucky" upside down, New Year's Eve family members to eat reunion dinner together, children to keep the age to extend their life, to midnight parents to worship their ancestors, the beginning of the New Year to bring the younger generation. With oranges, the elders pay New Year's greetings to their elders, and the elders give the children "red envelopes" - New Year's money. Wear new clothes and speak auspicious words during the Spring Festival.
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