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Baby Book

Here, let's see how to make a baby book.

Baby Book Products List

White space:

1. the definition of white: that is, between stickers and stickers or between stickers and text, etc., need to use glue bonding, so that it becomes a three-dimensional structure of the position called white, the white place can not ink, convenient adhesive.

2. How to do white space: when doing white space, A). Be sure to have an OK sample book (such as a white sample, color sample or blue sample), draw out the outer frame of the paste position with red strokes, and then remove the stickers in the sample book one by one. B). Place it under the beer line film, set the color level and position it with double-sided adhesive tape. C). Indent each side of the outer box of the sticker by about 3.5mm, draw a box, and draw a diagonal line inside the box to indicate "white space". The white space on the text is the same as that on the sticker! D). After completing all the white Spaces, make sure to hand in a set of blue paper in the printing room, make a blue paper pattern, confirm whether the white Spaces are wrong, and modify the incorrect white Spaces until there is no problem.

Mark the hole position of printing line or marking nail:

1. The purpose of printing line and nail hole: three-dimensional book sticker on the book block, convenient positioning, improve work efficiency.

2. Printing line:

A). Indent the two ends of the sticky paper (i.e. the inside of the two ends next to the position of the card pressing line and the position of the glue water) into 1mm respectively, indent about 1mm at the side of the sticky paper pressing line, and draw A-line (or point) with A length of 2mm at each end;

B). Printing line (printing point) needs to be printed.

3. The practice of pinhole:

A). Paste one nail hole at each sharp corner of the paper on the text;

B). This nail hole does not need to be printed. After marking "+" on the beer line, it shall be made on the beer mold.

Three-dimensional book structure common sense: the organ fold structured common sense.

1. Stereoscopic books are mostly organ folding. Organ folding structure mainly has the following characteristics.

A). After the book block is completed, the edge and spine should be flat and even;

B). Most organ folding books are made up of several organ folding pages, each page (except the very last one) has a small interposition at the end;

C) organ folding book, without light edge, beer out of the book core inches is finished feet inches.

2. Problems to pay attention to when drawing beer lines in organ folding books:

A). All pressing lines (i.e. all organ folding lines) shall be perpendicular to the two knife lines on both sides of the book's foot and the book's head;

B). When typesetting between the two pages, leave two knife positions and a bleeding position of 6mm between the knife positions;

C). Refute the two first pages together, usually make a small refute at the end of the first page, and refute the first page of the second block together;

D). The width of the Lili is about 13mm wide and chamfered at both ends;

E). In the drawing of the line, the front of the book block is small fold line to the inside of 0.5mm. And the back of the line (that is, the book blockhead page and the front of the book block of the line) also to the inside of 0.5mm, in addition to these two places, the other position line and fold line distance between the line, so that the book block after the match will be even.

Note: some organ folding book is not rearranged, the two first page of the page is not necessary to shrink feet, only after the book is printed, the edge and spine can be even.
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