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Cake Box/Cupcake Box

Eating is the most primitive and important need for human beings. It is the first requirement of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Humans are obsessed with desserts such as cake and cupcake. Many people are drooling just seeing the picture of the cake or cupcake. So now there are so many food companies, and more bakery shops are taking over the global cake market.

From the ordinary, fixed-style cakes and cupcakes, to the odd-shaped, custom-made cakes and cupcakes, the boxes they match are also getting more demanding.

Because of the different size of the cake and cupcake, and most of the cake has been beautifully shaped with lots of cream and chocolate, it needs to be protected well. Businesses also need consumers to be able to see the cake style without opening the cake box or cupcake box. Besides, for a big birthday cake, party cake, celebration cake... We also need a special cake box because of the large size of the cake, its self-weight is very large. This cake's weight can range from one pound to five pounds, or even heavier, and then it's larger. On the other hand, this type of cake doesn't cost too much. If the cake box is too expensive, the cake shopkeeper can't afford it. So every packaging manufacturer needs to make a solid, customer-friendly cake box in a reasonable budget, this is a big challenge.

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Based on our experience for cake box and cupcake box over the years, we will choose a light and environmentally friendly PET with rigid cardboard wrapped a nice custom printed coated paper, also it will have two size lamination both outside and inside. This will help the cake box to have a certain degree of waterproof effect. This kind of cake box's self-esteem will be lighter, and the cost is not very large.

Do you like such a cake box or cupcake box? Feel free to contact us, let's create a unique cake box or cupcake box for your cake!
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