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There are many kinds of soapboxes, and the material most are thin paper. Because most soap products are not sold at high market prices, there is a budget for the packaging used. Of course, there are a few high-end soapboxes on the market that are dedicated to making the packaging exquisite. Therefore, this kind of products tends to use hard boxes. We are committed to the service of customized packaging boxes, so our company can also make soapboxes into high-end and ordinary products. From the color, material, style and content design variations, every change of an element, can see a new effect.

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First, let's talk about the material aspect. Most soapbox use a  300g or 350g C1S art paper or C2S art paper, printed in CMYK, or Pantone color printing.  On the surface, use a kind of matt lamination or glossy lamination. Some special products, to be exact, high-end products, will add foiling stamping, embossing, carving or UV process. It will be very beautiful to make these techniques. It will also look shiny. Of course, the more advanced way is to use the special paper, that is, the card with texture, this kind of card itself has grain and color, so this kind of paper needs to be selected by the customer. It works great. The inside of the box is usually white. Of course, some can be colored. Some can be added an insert inside. More than this, the outside of the soapbox can add some accessories, such as a ribbon bow. Or add some cute metal accessories, etc. This will make the box itself more elegant. The other way to do it is to do it at the high end, and of course, when the cost goes up the price goes up. It is wrapped in a 1200g greyboard with 157g C2S art paper, four-color printing, glossy or matt lamination. We can make the box to be deferent type, top& bottom box, link lid box, foldable box, book shape box, or drawer box and so on. The rich style, everything, any of your requirements, we all can meet.
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