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Do have any good idea about the hair extension packaging box? Do you want us to give you some of our ready box for your reference? If you want help, please no hesitate to contact us, let me know your idea, and then I can give you enough suggestions based on our experience.

Hair Packaging List

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Hair box is the favorite product of our Australian customers. Most of our custom wig boxes come from the Australian market.

The most typical one is a magnet box with a cover. Roof center window. Make the logo on PVC. Inside add a flannelette board inner bracket, inner bracket with a rubber band. The color can be any color you want. The material on the surface of the box is also optional.

Of course, as the price varies, we can choose different materials to do it. For example, the cheapest method: 157gC2S art paper wrap 1200g greyboard. Outside keep the white color, logo use printing or stamping.
What kind of products do you like, welcome to contact us, to provide good inspiration for our door design? There will be discounts on orders.
Wig boxes belong to the beauty industry. Products that are hot on the market these days. With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more women, in order to make themselves more beautiful, make full use of the products produced by modern technology to make themselves beautiful. Fix your natural deficiencies with extra products. That's why now we can see so many beautiful women on the street.

If your customers love beauty very much, then I believe that customers for a beautiful product will certainly require beautiful packaging. So whether a product sells well also depends on whether the package is attractive enough.

Do you want to sell your wig very, very hot, do you want more and more women to buy your wig, do you want to have a bunch of loyal customers, please contact us, we absolutely give you a different surprise every order. Let us use our experience to give you the best support!
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