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Gift Box Material Selection

Gifts are usually displayed in front of users in a beautiful, exquisite, and high-end image. Therefore, for gift packaging boxes, selecting materials is the best way to reflect the gift's value and appearance. There are many materials for the packaging box, so what material is more suitable for gift packaging?

1. Greyboard paper

The gray board paper box is the most commonly used material in gift packaging. Although the gray board paper has a normal appearance, it can be pasted on the surface of the gray board paper with pearl paper, art paper, virgin paper, flannel, binding cloth, PU leather, and other materials. The product packaging box after pasting is very exquisite and beautiful. As a gift packaging, it can also set off the high-end gift. Secondly, gray board paper is an environmentally friendly material, which is processed from recycled waste paper. Its toughness and pressure resistance is extreme, which can protect the product from damage by external factors.

2. Corrugated paper

Corrugated packaging boxes are ubiquitous in life, often used in fruit gift boxes, home textile gift boxes, and so on. The toughness and compressive strength of corrugated paper are outstanding, but compared to gray board paper, the performance of gray board paper is much stronger with the same thickness. However, the corrugated gift box price is much more affordable than the gray board paper box. Therefore, when customizing a heavy gift box such as fruit, a thicker corrugated paper is selected as the product packaging material; for a light-weight product such as home textiles, a lower thickness corrugated paper can be used.

3. White cardboard

Everyone should have received gifts wrapped in cardboard boxes. Cardboard gift boxes are widely used in many gifts, such as pen gift box and tea gift box. Although white cardboard is thick and robust, its toughness and pressure resistance are far inferior to gray board paper and corrugated paper. Therefore, most cardboard gift boxes will be lined to improve their compression resistance.

There are a variety of materials from which for gift packaging for merchants to choose. But when choosing, you can select the most suitable packaging box material according to the product's characteristics, grade, and company's budget.

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