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A Breakdown of Cost for Customized Packaging Boxes

The packaging box cost relies on a number of factors, such as the box structure, material, the quantity of products produced, whose cost can vary greatly, so it is difficult to confirm the price before determining the box information. Here are the cost details of customized packaging boxes, and you can do something to save costs effectively.

The structure design and packing material play an important part in determining the value of packaging box. The significance of packaging box is protecting the product, which requests knowing the size of products before customizing boxes. The larger the box size, the more material needed and the more expensive.

Secondly, the specification determines the packaging box type. Packaging boxes which can be produced directly by machinery are usually cheaper while those by manual labor are relatively expensive. Finally, packaging material is based on product requirements. There are differences in both types and gram weight for packing material. Different kinds of paper have different prices and the same paper with different grams vary in prices, too.

In addition, there are also storage and logistics costs involved in the delivery of the boxes. Usually, the present packaging box chooses paper which is economical and light from cost and recyclable, biodegradable and easy to deal with in ecological perspective. It is a very environmentally friendly packaging material. The box type directly affects the size of the box. The space occupied by the unfolded hat box and drawer box is relatively higher while folding packing box can greatly reduce storage space and transportation space.

Finally, the quantity customized by the brand side is closely related to the cost of the packaging box. Price will go up or down based on the material and labor cost in production. Therefore, for the packaging box manufacturers, the more the customized packaging boxes, the more affordable the unit price will be.

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