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How to Make Consumers More Satisfied with the Cosmetics Packaging Box Design?

Competition among cosmetics is quite fierce. With the continuous product improvement, the major brands also pay more attention to the design of cosmetic packaging boxes. Cosmetics are highly valuable and the package also reflects the value. How to make consumers more satisfied with the cosmetics package design?

1. Choose proper novel package

There are multiple choices for cosmetics in packaging design but it should be selected according to the product orientation and value. For the general, some simple package can be the choice, such as stacked withdrawal box and book box with top and bottom plate. The package will become exquisite only if the design is distinctive. It's proposed of up-bottom cover, conjoined up-bottom cover and withdrawal plush box for upmarket instead, even with more unique plush homeobox. It will have good effect with perfect design and technology.

2. Choose good inner lining material

The role of inner lining is very obvious for cosmetic packaging, which not only plays a protective role of the product, but also shows the grade of the product. Generally, cosmetic packaging will choose a set with high-grade EVA inner lining. EVA material can protect the product better and the material is relatively hard and solid, which is a commonly used material for high-end cosmetic packaging. Of course, you can also choose affordable, soft foam or blister inner. Soft foam is slightly softer than EVA and slightly less beautiful than EVA but blister is lower priced and the material is harder. The material and appropriate color have to be determined by specific product positioning.

3. Design + Processing

Finally, style and post production process can be taken into consideration in the design of cosmetic package. Appropriate layout is based on the characteristics of the product and brand and different production processes rely on the characteristics of the design. Hot stamping and laser are commonly used processes. The color is diverse, gold, silver, blue and many other colors, of course, the ways are various, UV, convex, hand-painted, silver card reverse.

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