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Considerations for Printing Foldable Packaging Boxes

The emergence of foldable packaging boxes

As the name suggests, packaging boxes are boxes used for packaging products, which can be classified according to materials, such as paper boxes, tin boxes, wooden boxes, cloth boxes, leather boxes, acrylic boxes, corrugated boxes, PVC boxes, etc; They can also be classified according to the product's name, such as moon cake boxes, tea boxes, wolfberry boxes, candy boxes, exquisite gift boxes, local specialty boxes, wine boxes, chocolate boxes, food, medicine and health product boxes, food packaging boxes, tea packaging boxes, stationery boxes, etc. The function of packaging boxes is to ensure the safety of products during transportation and to enhance the grade of products. The main material of tinplate and tin cans is tinplate(source).

With the continuous development of the printing packaging industry, the industrial processes of the printing industry are also constantly updated and improved, and the optional technology and materials for a finished product are becoming more and more diverse. Controlling printing quality should be comprehensively addressed from various aspects. In the printing and packaging industry market, foldable packaging boxes account for a large proportion, such as some food and daily necessities packaging are foldable paper boxes. Because this type of packaging has relatively low cost, light weight, good faceting feeling, and is easy to recycle and environmentally friendly. So what should we pay attention to for foldable packaging boxes in printing?

What should we pay attention to when printing foldable packaging boxes?

Grasp the drying time

For example, when a foldable packaging box is printed with a full-page background color, the ink absorption of silver cardboard is poor, which will affect the drying time of the ink. The drying time of copperplate paper depends on how thick the ink layer is. Thick ink layers may take two to three days to dry naturally, while the printing and drying time of gold and silver cardboard is about four times longer than that of copperplate paper. If the drying time is not well controlled, moving the printed product before the ink is dry may cause problems such as smudging and abrasion, which will undo all the previous work.

Pay attention to the printing method of silver cardboard

The printing of silver cardboard should try to avoid multi-color overprinting of existing objects or reverse printing after multi-color overprinting. Because the thick and smooth gold and silver cardboard will have a multiplied increase in overprinting errors due to inertial effects during printing. For example, if the normal printing error is±0.1mm, it will become0.2mm㎜. This gap may cause many problems, such as failed quality inspections or customer complaints.

The distance between die-cutting and die-cutting knife position of foldable packaging box cannot be less than 6mm.

The distance between the indentation lines of the four side positions of the foldable packaging box must be equal, otherwise the socket is very easy to appear arc, which is very unattractive.

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