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The Relationship between Product Positioning and Packaging Design

The correct use of a piece of cosmetic packaging can create many impressions, such as cuteness, maturity, enthusiasm, sexy, steady, refreshing, strength and so on. Define the positioning of products and make correct all-round choices can produce the expected psychological effects in the minds of consumers. Container materials and bottle sticker design are relatively important elements.

Selection of container materials and use of printing technology. This is due to technical considerations. Different materials have different degrees of color realization. For example, plastic materials are not only easy to shape, but also can present arbitrary colors, which can make the effects of pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, transparent and so on. Another example is: when high temperature ink is used to screen glass bottles, it is not easy to decolor and the color is dull, while the color is brighter when low temperature ink is used to screen. Therefore, the color selection of containers should consider not only the visual perception but also the realizability of technology.

Bottle stickers are mostly found in plastic, metal and glass bottles, while they are relatively seen in the paper packaging. The design of bottle stickers is similar to the surface decoration design of containers. They can arrange some elements such as texture, pattern, image, etc. But the most important point of bottle stickers is the communication of brand and product information. Because bottle stickers contain text content, the design of bottle stickers pays more attention to the typesetting effect.

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