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Flower Box Production

In recent years, the flower box has quickly captured the market as a form of flower gift expression that has arisen in the future. Even it has now split the market with a long history of bouquets. The flower box has many irreplaceable advantages compared to the bouquet, which makes it one of the products that the merchant pushes.

From the customer's point of view, the flower box is small and easy to carry, and the flower box packaging is more beautiful than the bouquet. In many cases, the products that attract more attention from customers are often those that are exquisitely packaged. As gifts, those who are sent flowers will pay more attention to the appearance of gifts. The flower box has a container for the flower material, and it is only necessary to select the appropriate flower box wrapping paper to ensure that the flower material is fresh, and it can capture the human heart from the appearance, and enable the florist to exert more creativity.

From the point of view of the flower shop, the flower mud placed in the flower box has better water retention than the water-repellent cotton of the bouquet, and the flowers survive longer and the flower material is easier to fix. The eternal flower box has the beauty of flowers and can be stored for a long time, which is more suitable for gift giving. The flower box uses more flower heads, and the requirements for the flower branches are not too high, and the cost is greatly reduced. A large part of the flower box packaging protects the flowers, reducing transport losses.

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