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Minimalism of Gift Box Design has Become a Trend

Nowadays, many package designers will follow the principle of less is more to design gift boxes. It witnesses, in the future, that many brands will use less elements gradually to build up emotional connection with customers at the time of keeping high standard. Minimalism has become the first choice for many companies but it's advised to combine with other elements in order to be distinctive in the future market competition.

1. Embossing

Textured paper can provide users with a tactile interaction. Secondly, it can also create a three-dimensional sense in visual effect to improve the artistic effect of gift box. Then, embossing can be applied in female products or retro products which need to add flowers and retro elements but not to be overly conspicuous. The overall experience can be improved through both embossing technique and textured packaging material.

2. Gliding

Many customers regard gliding as luxury and high grade because the glided gift boxes will be very shinning and dazzling with metallic luster. But it doesn't mean gliding is not suitable for all the minimalist products. Gliding is pretty shinning and plays a prominent part, which is extremely good in the logo, character and simple lines of minimalist packaging.

3. Color

The color of the minimalist packing box is usually white, black, coffee and gray, leaving simple and clean impression to consumers. A small amount of color on the decoration can also give a very surprising feeling.

Any business can meet this demand by customizing the box, but great gift boxes tell the brand story to the user. Welcome to Extra Link Printing & packaging Co., Ltd. and we will provide you with the best quality service.

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