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Design Strategy of the Cosmetics Packaging

There are many kinds of cosmetics, and consumers have more and more choices. As an enterprise, it is necessary to classify cosmetic packaging through the efficacy and composition of products so as to facilitate consumers' identification and purchase of cosmetics. In the classification and design of cosmetic packaging, it is very important to design regularly the changes of packaging shape elements. Generally, the packaging design of a series of products can adopt the following combinations:

①The same container shape, different container color. This design can be implemented by cosmetics with similar efficacy but different use times. For example, in the same series of early frost and late frost, two container colors with large color difference are often used to distinguish the concept of time.

②The same container shape and color. Bottle stickers with the same design style, but one or several design elements on the bottle stickers are changed to implement. This design scheme is usually used for cosmetics with the same function but different components. For example: cosmetics belonging to fruit series use containers with the same design style, because they all use fruit formula. But the fruit formula is divided into pomegranate, lemon, tomato and other formula, so the bottle sticker can draw the corresponding fruit pattern to distinguish.

③Complementary containers. Most of the products that implement this design plan are products with supporting functions. For example, the same series of shampoos and conditioners usually make the packaging of the two as a whole design, combining into a new overall shape in order to reflect the unity of the two, and imply that consumers should use a complete set to increase sales.

In a word, it will benefit both enterprises and consumers to adopt corresponding design methods according to different classifications of cosmetics by providing consumers with a more effective, more intuitive and more convenient guiding consumption method. We have wholesale cosmetic packaging supplies. If you want high quality custom cosmetic packaging, please contact us today!

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