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How to Improve the Recognition of Gift Box

It's not only necessary to make customers familiar and memorable with the brand but also to be able to easily recognized from the package. Because this can make the brand more acceptable, increasing product sales. Eighty-seven percent of marketers know that brand consistency is the key of customer experience which improves the recognition of the gift box. For example, customers can easily recognize them when the color and logo of the box are consistent with the brand elements.

1. Color of product name

The product name and color on the gift box have a huge impact on product sales where the color similar to the Logo can increase brand awareness by 80%. In addition, for minimalist boxes, there should be no more than three colors among Logo, ground color, product name and illustration.

2. Packaging box color

The color of the gift box has the most visual effect, which helps the brand distinguish the product packaging and make it stand out. If your brand does not have a specific brand color, complementary colors can also be used. Make sure that the ground color of the selected packaging box can be used together with the font color.

3. Product information

The font on the back of the gift box should always be the same. If the font range is too large, on the one hand, the brand will appear unprofessional, and on the other hand, users will have a relatively difficult time reading the information. In addition, the color of the product information on the back of the gift box should be clearly contrasted with the background color to facilitate the user to read. For example, a light color text can be used in a dark color gift box and a light color gift box can adopt dark text.

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