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Characteristics and Advantages of Foldable Cardboard Gift Boxes

There are many types of packaging boxes and foldable cardboard gift box is more widely used. However, is foldable cardboard gift box suitable for all products?

Understanding foldable cardboard gift box

Foldable cardboard gift box is a flexible thin cardboard packaging box that is made by printing, die-cutting, creasing, and gluing. Its biggest feature is that the folded box panels can save a lot of storage space and transportation costs during storage and supply; it is beneficial for product promotion and sales display; it is easy to process at a low cost. Through processes such as tool layout, die-cutting creases, folding, and gluing, cardboard can be easily processed into creative paper packaging box of the required shape, and the processing cost is much lower than that of plastics, metals, and glass, which can also protect products and fix them.

Advantages of foldable cardboard gift box

  • Foldable cardboard gift box has a low cost, strong flexibility and good display effect;

  • Compared with plastic boxes and paper packaging boxes that are glued together, foldable cardboard gift box takes up less space and has lower storage and transportation costs;

  • It has higher efficiency in mechanized production and can automatically unfold, pack, fold, seal, and stack;

  • Its structure can be variously altered and processed with inner walls that can swing or extend, curved creases and windows, and many other new and novel treatments.

Three characteristics of foldable cardboard gift box with pipe shape

  • Die-cutting of foldable cardboard gift box with pipe shape is simple. Unlike flat folding paper boxes, the pipe folding paper boxes do not have two large surfaces that need to be overlapped, so there is no need to consider the allowance near the creases and pressure lines. However, in the design of the bottom, it should be ensured that there is enough extended margin after the bottom is locked to support the products in the box. Also, it takes less time to fold it.

  • Foldable cardboard gift box with pipe shape uses less material. Compared with flat-folding paper boxes, pipe folding paper boxes have a smaller surface area at the same volume, so they require less material.

  • The difference in size between the inner and outer dimensions of foldable cardboard gift box with pipe shape is small. Since the four sides of the pipe folding paper box mainly depend on latex adhesion, there is no need to fold and fix the paper sheet, so the difference between the outer and inner dimensions is small, generally only 1.5 times the thickness of the paper skin.

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