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Design of Custom Red Wine Box

Recently, there are many kinds of red wine on the market, and most similar products have little difference in quality and price, especially like Lafite, the famous French red wine. In order to make the red wine stand out in the market competition, enterprises should first establish their own special product identity. Good red wine box is not a simple combination but is customized through numerous scientific and practical experience.

1. Cylinder wine box highlights the corporate image

This packaging strategy mainly shows products through leaving enterprise's good impression on consumers and promotes consumers' confidence in company through the stable and good product quality. The visual design of the packaging boosts the unification of enterprise's products, so it's easy to attract customers' attention when seeting the products on the shelf. With the visual stimulation, customers may have a deep impression of the products to promote the products and increase sales.

2. Cylinder wine box highlights the product culture

Red wine is a product with certain historical and geographical characteristics, which often has a strong cultural background of the origin. The wine packaging design, such as cylinder wine box, can highlight the characteristics of the local rich traditional culture and image, creating a long historical story, a beautiful scenery and increasing the market appeal.

3. Cylinder wine box highlights the application of commodity

The color, graphics and combination of red wine box show consumers the feature of the product, and in what occasions to use, how to use, what the effect is. This is helpful for the design for specific function of the product.

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