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The Production of Valentine's Day Fashion Flower Box

1. Repair the required flowers. Here is the red rose (for example, red dragonfly). Use a spiral method to make a round bouquet. The size can be controlled as needed.

2. Start cutting the flower box wrapping paper. Cut the first one out of the right size. Fold left and right and tilt up, placing the bouquet to the left.

3. The second one cuts the appropriate size in the same way. Fold right and left and tilt up, put the right rear of the bouquet.

4. The third piece is folded right and the right front of the bouquet is cut, and the appropriate size is also cut. Pay attention to the wrinkle effect.

5. The fourth piece is folded to the left front of the bouquet, and the last two sizes can be appropriately cut.

6. The fifth and sixth sheets are covered with thick cellophane. As with the fourth and fifth methods above, one flower box wrapping paper can be added to the left front and right front of the bouquet.

7. The finished product is baked and photographed and kept. If the exposure is not enough, you can fine-tune it properly. If you take a picture with natural light, you don't need to retouch the picture. Try to keep the original picture effect, so that the color difference will mislead the customer.

Flower box production

Put a flower box wrapping paper in the box. According to the shape of the flower box, cut the appropriate size of the flower mud into it. Flower mud can be used to divide a piece into two halves.

This step can be used to insert flowers into the neatly arranged composition. Centered on the first branch, and there is no hard requirement for the position of the first branch. What is done here is not a multi-level three-dimensional flower box, so you can fill it up one by one.

Start taking pictures. In fact, the flower box packaging is super simple, saving time and effort, and quick fix. How can Valentine's Day be missing it?

Tip: When doing flower box packaging, pay attention to the use of space level, do a good job of color transition, coordination of design elements and so on. The flower box packaging with a variety of flowers and materials is not as simple as you might think.

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