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What Are the Different Types of Makeup Palettes?

Most makeup palettes are divided into two categories: store-bought or self-made. Store-bought cardboard eyeshadow palette packaging palettes can be further divided into product line or multi-purpose palettes. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will discuss below.

Product line palettes

Many beauty brands sell makeup palettes grouped by product line. This means that the palette contains a variety of eyeshadows, different blushes, or a range of highlighters.

While product line palettes provide multiple shades to create different looks, they typically do not offer customization options and precious palette space is wasted on colors you will never use.

Multi-purpose palettes

Some beauty brands sell multi-purpose palettes that consolidate different products in one place. Some examples include lip gloss palettes that contain highlight and contour products. Some brands even offer full-face multi-purpose palettes that can be great when they contain products you truly love and use.

Unfortunately, most store-bought full-face palettes come from small-brand beauty companies on Amazon whose product performance is completely different from foundation. Well-known brands that sell multi-purpose palettes rarely offer customization options, so space is wasted on products you will never use.

Create your own palette

Some makeup brands sell empty DIY makeup palettes that you can customize with your own products. They come in two categories: magnetized ones for housing powder products (eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc.) or ones for cream products (lipsticks, color correctors, cream contours, etc.). While it may be intimidating at first to store your favorite products, the customization factor is unmatched - saving space and reducing unnecessary weight.

A drawback of most magnetized and filled makeup palettes is their limited functionality. If you want a true makeup palette, you will need something that can accommodate both powder and cream products.

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