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Red Wine Boxes Can Also Do Something New

Wine is a kind of luxury with the embodiment of high taste and reflection of high quality of life. Therefore, paper wine gift boxes should also be high leveled. Once upon a time, when it came to high-end wine packaging, you'd think of a leather case. It's no doubt that the leather packing box is precious with unique cortical texture, good touch, soft strength with rigidity and high-end material. But it's expensive and cumbersome, taking up space.

It can often be seen that some famous wine occurs in the negotiations in TV series or shared situations. Although TV is not real, the plot displayed is what happens in real life where maybe not everyone can afford it while the ordinary are buying wines within their own consumption capability who will concentrate on whether the red wine box is of high level.

As one of the leading wine box manufacturers, Extra Link can provide you with a variety of packaging material. It's usually bright in color, leaving strong visual experience. The unique customization is also available which complies to the corporate image according to the brand and image. The service object contains fine wines, spirits and fruit wines and the excellent service will also help you to promote your products better. The cylinder wine box, as a solid box design, adopting high-quality thick material, ensures the safety of the wine. One will be touched either by the flat and beautiful surface or the noble temperament.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that EXTRA LINK focuses on the packaging and production of high-quality boutique cylinder wine boxes. If you want customized wine boxes, please feel free to contact us. We will offer one-stop high value-added packaging products.

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