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Environmental Protection Concept of Jewelry Box

When it comes to environmentally-friendly costly packaging, many technologies and methods make jewelry boxes more environmental-friendly. A jewelry packaging concept that is truly beneficial to the brand needs not only to be environmental-friendly but also to be attractive from a visual design perspective. Here are a few ideas to share with you to help customize environmentally-friendly jewelry boxes.

1. Choose environmental-friendly materials

In many traditional jewelry boxes, plastic is usually used as the material of the box blank. But plastics are difficult to sort during recycling, and toxic gases are generated when they burn. Therefore, plastic box blanks are not the perfect jewelry packaging material. It is ideal to use cardboard such as gray boards instead of plastic. Most gray boards on the market are made of recycled paper. Therefore, the gray board itself is also a recyclable material. Moreover, the compression resistance and protection ability of gray boards are powerful, and it can be a good substitute for plastic materials.

2. Use environmental-friendly packaging technology

When preparing a customized jewelry packaging box, environmentally-friendly packaging technology can also be used to select its packaging production process. For example, using the UV process, because there is no organic solvent volatilization during the UV process, all components can be cured into a film, which is very friendly to the environment and the operators. Secondly, it is also an excellent choice to use environmentally friendly ink to print the patterns of jewelry boxes. Besides, the embossing and embossing processes can not only increase the artistic sense of the jewelry box but also will not burden the environment.

3. Reduce materials used in jewelry boxes

Have you ever thought about reducing the number of materials required for jewelry boxes while still maintaining the original safety and attractiveness of the box? By carefully designing jewelry boxes, it is possible to reduce the total demand for cardboard. Of course, using a universal jewelry box that does not conform to the design concept may waste the space of the packaging box.

Upgrading ordinary jewelry boxes to environmentally friendly packaging boxes is not just a reliable performance for the environment and customers. Also, it can create an ecologically-friendly, positive image for the brand.

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