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Paper Wine Gift Boxes Can Also Be High-end

Nowadays, with the development of society, the material gets increasingly abundant and people's aesthetics are gradually changing. Things that are too complex and cumbersome can't attract customers successfully. In recent years, some simple, delicate paper wine gift boxes are more popular among many wine merchants.

Focusing on paper packaging, EXTRA LINK, adhering to the consistent simple style, has produced a batch of high-end paper wine gift boxes for many brands to increase the product value, making them stand out in the fierce market competition and appealing to many customers. How can we achieve that?

1. Precise and high-end material selection of paper box wholesale

Generally, medium and low-end wine gift boxes choose corrugated paper as the main material to ensure enough load bearing. But one problem is that it doesn't appear to be very high-end, unable to present the supreme excellence. Instead, we will choose special paper and cardboard to show high quality appearance of paper box wholesale.

2. High quality paper box printing process

Paper wine packaging box surface looks glittering, translucent bright and colorful after paper box printing and light film processing without color change for long time.

3. Color selection of paper wine gift box wholesale and exquisite design settings 

The paper packaging adopts classic black and gray as the main color, which shows the practical disposition of the protagonist and the pursuit of high-quality life. In addition, there are no excessive patterns on the surface of the wine box, only a striking LOGO making it easier for customers to remember the brand.

4. Considerate design of wine paper box wholesale

The paper wine gift boxes are inserted with the inner tray to fix the product which is not only conducive to displaying the product but also protecting the product.

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