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The Function and Development of Foldable Packaging Boxes

As we all know, paper packaging boxes are occupying a large market share in various packaging industries, and they involve a wide range of industries. Traditional paper packaging boxes are mainly square or rectangular.

Foldable packaging boxes and their functions

Protecting goods

Putting fragile or easy-to-damage items in a paper box can fix and protect the goods. In addition, using sterilization and sealing methods to package food can prevent corrosion and deterioration.

Foldable packaging boxes are suitable for various printing methods

Their surface can be adapted to relief printing, offset printing, gravure printing, and can be decorated by photography or patterns and characters, which is advantageous for product publicity and promotion. 

Foldable packaging boxes are low in cost

Using cardboard to process various types of paper boxes is cheaper than packaging materials such as metal, plastic, and glass. 

Foldable packaging boxes are easy to process

They can be easily processed into various shapes of paper boxes by methods such as die cutting, rolling cutting, folding, and bonding. 

Foldable packaging boxes are easy to store and transport

Before use, the paper boxes are folded, greatly reducing the space they occupy during storage and transportation.

The development of foldable packaging boxes

Fixed paper boxes, also known as hard card paper boxes, thick card paper boxes, or paste paper boxes, can add a lot of brilliance to the packaged goods, and can stimulate consumers' desire to buy. However, the fixed paper boxes cannot be folded, must increase transportation and storage costs, and most of them are handmade, so their output is relatively small.  Foldable packaging boxes have various shapes, which can be divided into cubic, rectangular, cylindrical, polyhedral, etc. according to their shapes, and can be divided into middle-boat foldable packaging boxes, adhesive-bottom foldable packaging boxes, single-layer foldable packaging boxes, and folding-angle boxes according to different folding forms. Generally speaking, they can be divided into nine types according to different structural forms, including shake cover type, handbag type, buckle cover type, drawer type, and exhibition type, liquid type, combination type, window type, and heterogeneous type paper boxes.

With the development of the packaging industry, foldable packaging boxes have been favored by the market. Nowadays, foldable packaging boxes are widely used in the fields of food, daily necessities, gifts, electronic products, clothing, and jewelry. Among them, they are more commonly used in food packaging and are widely favored by the market. Under the global trend of replacing plastic with paper, the paper packaging industry will have better development prospects. With the ever-changing market demand, differentiated foldable packaging boxes will also be more recognized by the market.

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