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Four Considerations for Designing Cosmetic Packaging Supplies

For modern brands, the crux of their long-term growth is how to deal with consumers' growing lack of brand loyalty. Among them, the commonly used solution is to strengthen the uniqueness of its own brand image and make the brand stand out in the market. Establish a highly recognized and attractive brand image, allowing consumers to independently establish awareness and trust in the brand. Perhaps, this is why many cosmetic brand experts pay special attention to product packaging. Do you know what are the main points of cosmetic packaging design?

1. Cosmetic packaging supplies need to be in good condition during the production and transportation process

With the slow development of time, cosmetic packaging design must consider whether the design can achieve accurate, fast, mass production, can help workers quickly and accurately process, shape, load and seal.

2. The design of cosmetic packaging supplies needs to have a good user experience

Excellent cosmetic packaging design must accommodate storage, transportation, display, and consumer carrying and opening. Therefore, in the design of cosmetic packaging supplies, it is necessary to achieve a reasonable proportion of the box structure, rigorous structure, and exquisite shape, emphasizing physical beauty, contrast coordination, rhythm and rhythm, and strive to achieve a box structure with complete functions and beautiful appearance to adapt to production. , sale or even use. Common cosmetic packaging structures mainly include tote bag type, hanging type, open type, window type, closed type or a combination of several forms.

3. The safety of cosmetic packaging supplies is very important

Ensuring the safety of products and consumers is the most fundamental starting point for the design of cosmetic packaging supplies. In the packaging design of commodities, safety protection measures in storage, transportation, display, carrying and use should be considered according to the properties of the commodities. Different products such as the cardboard eyeshadow palette packaging may require different packaging materials, and special attention should be paid to the sun, moisture, corrosion, leak and fire protection of the product to ensure that the product is in good condition under all circumstances.

4. Cosmetic packaging supplies meet the requirements of environmental protection

Under the trend of people advocating ecological and environmental protection, people began to fall in love with green packaging and rational consumption. Only by designing a packaging box that does not harm human health and does not pollute the environment can it become the final choice for consumers.

The pursuit of artistic sense in wholesale cosmetic packaging supplies is not limited to artists, and the general public also likes things with high artistic value. Commodities with high artistic value are more likely to attract the attention of consumers, bring beauty and win the favor of consumers.

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