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How to skillfully complete the Packaging Design?

Cosmetic packaging design itself is a subject based on brand and culture, which requires designers not only to pursue the immediate benefits brought by creativity and fashion, but also to accurately grasp the brand positioning, so that packaging design can be transformed into the important method of establishing brand connotation and creating lasting brand value.


Some cosmetic containers are relatively simple in shape, but the surface of the containers will be modified a little. For example, there will be slight cuts and fluctuations on the containers, and there will be some relief decorations or some accessories on the surface of the containers to better explain the quality of the products.


In addition, according to the change degree of container's decency, we can divide it into three types: simple and bright type, moderate change type and complex decorative type. The containers of simple and bright type usually use the combination of plane and surface, and the surface of the containers has no relief effect, so the forming process of the containers is relatively simple. Because of its simple process and simple appearance, this type of container occupies a large proportion in the cosmetics market.


There are also some cosmetics using complex forms in the design of containers. The decorative effect is stronger, which is more symbolic. Although cosmetic containers have a variety of styling methods, it is necessary to take the positioning characteristics and attributes of products, the complexity of container technology and the degree of human engineering satisfaction of consumers into account when using products in order to achieve beautiful and practical design.


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