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Conquer your Sense of Smell and Conquer your Vision -- Perfume Box

The three elements of the perfume box: shape, composition, materials. Shape elements are the shape of the display surface of commodity packaging, including the size, dimension and shape of the display surface. Various geometric shapes are used here in turn, most of which are square. Composition elements are more complex, because composition is a complete picture of trademarks, graphics, words and combinations arranged on the display surface of commodity packaging. The combination of these four aspects constitutes the overall effect of packaging decoration.

If the commodity design elements, including trademark, graphics, text and color, are used correctly, appropriately and beautifully, it can be called excellent design works. Material element is the easiest place to change and have errors. Material elements refer to the veins and textures of the material surface used in commodity packaging, which often affects the visual effect of commodity packaging. Material elements are an important part of packaging design. They are directly related to the overall function and economic cost of packaging, the mode of production and processing, and the recycling and disposal of packaging waste.

It is a good idea to make a unique idea in any of the above aspects. In addition to conquering your sense of smell, perfume should also conquer your vision, which is the design concept of perfume box. When consumers get boxes with simple and splendent designs, the likelihood increases. And what we should pay attention to is that delicacy can always surprise people.

Packaging is the consumer's first impression of the product. People rely on clothing, which buddha depends on gold packaging. "Making efforts in packaging does not mean that the product is not excellent, but that excellent products need unique packaging to promote. How to use packaging to show the characteristics and advantages of products, and even set up the image of a brand, are the charms of perfume box.

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