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How to Ensure Product Safety through Customized Packaging Boxes?

The function of customized packaging box

The safety of the product packaging box is the basis for the smooth sales of the product. If the packaging box cannot guarantee the safety of the product before it is put on the shelf, the product will not be sold smoothly. How can we ensure the safety of the product through a customized packaging box?

Customized packaging box to ensure product safety

First of all, the customized gift box matched with the product can minimize the risk of damage to the product during transportation. Customized packaging boxes can accurately design the inner size and lining of the packaging box according to the size and structure of the product, so that it will not leave a lot of moving space for the product. Therefore, the product will not cause friction or collision caused by product movement during transportation and handling, thereby protecting the integrity of the product to a greater extent.

In addition, the selected packaging box material also plays a huge role in protecting the product. Another advantage of choosing a custom packaging box is that you can fully control the choice of packaging box material. For the product gift box, you can choose a strong and malleable gray board pasting box. In terms of safety, the gray board pasting box has strong tearing, tightness and stiffness, which can greatly reduce the damage to the product caused by external factors. Secondly, the gray board pasting box has super plasticity, it can paste all kinds of exquisite paper on the box surface and add various beautiful packaging techniques.

If it involves e-commerce sales, in addition to considering the selection of its products, the material of the shipping box should also be considered. The corrugated material is the most used shipping box in the e-commerce platform. Commonly used transportation corrugated boxes are generally composed of 3-5 layers of paper, which have super cushioning ability when encountering external impact, which can greatly improve the safety of internal products. Secondly, the brand name and logo can be printed on the packaging box, which can quickly increase the brand's popularity.

In addition, for some gift packaging boxes, more than one product is usually contained in the packaging box. In this regard, in order to prevent collisions and squeezing between products, packaging box manufacturers usually recommend that brands use custom packaging box linings according to the quantity and size of the products. Common packaging boxes are lined with paper lining, EVA lining, sponge lining, blister lining, etc. These linings have good protective properties. The brand can choose according to the needs of the product and the company's budget.

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