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Key Points of Color Design for Female Cosmetic Packaging Box

With the rapid development of modern society, some urban women have prolonged their working hours in the workplace, which has led to an upward trend in consumption related to work and occupation, such as beauty, cosmetics, bodybuilding and so on. Urban women's consumption survey shows that women's consumption of cosmetics and beauty is on the rise. The cosmetics market is a consumer market full of huge potential. Whoever can stand out in the competition of many brands will have unlimited business opportunities and profits. And cosmetic packaging is the first gateway to attract the eyes of female consumers, and color is the key to this gateway. Therefore, in the design of cosmetic packaging boxes, we should make full use of the associative characteristics of color to arouse the good imagination of female consumers.

We should be good at utilizing the experience of beauty brought to women by color to satisfy the love of beauty. Everyone has a love for beauty, especially female consumers, whose love for beauty is more prominent. The color design of cosmetic packaging boxes should satisfy the different preferences of consumers of different ages, and fully satisfy their love of beauty. For young women's cosmetic packaging boxes, the tone should be fresh and lively to fully reflect the vitality and health of young people. For the products of middle-aged and old consumers, the tone of cosmetic packaging box should be stable and elegant. They demand higher quality products and pay more attention to brand consumption.

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