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Why Do Shoes Mostly Use Foldable Box Packaging?

With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for packaging boxes will continue to increase, and the quality of packaging boxes has also put forward higher requirements. There are several types of box shapes, including book boxes, drawer boxes, folding boxes, and lid and base boxes. Among them, folding box packaging is one of the most widely used box shapes. So, is folding box packaging suitable for all products as packaging?

Understanding folding box packaging

Folding box packaging is a tough thin cardboard box, by printing, die-cutting creasing, gluing and made. Its biggest feature is to fold the box piece storage, supply, thus greatly saving storage space and freight; folding box packaging is easy to sell and display, applicable to a variety of printing methods, conducive to commodity promotion and marketing; easy processing, low cost, through the row of knives, die-cutting creasing, folding, gluing and other processes easier to cardboard processing into the required variety of shapes of packaging cartons, its processing costs are far cheaper than metal, glass, plastic, The processing cost is much cheaper than metal, glass and plastic, which can play the role of fixing goods and protecting goods.

The advantages of folding box packaging

  • low cost, good strength, good display effect, suitable for large, medium finger production; 

  • compared with the paste carton and plastic box, occupy little space, transportation, storage and other circulation costs are low; 

  • high mechanical production efficiency, can achieve automatic box, filling, folding cover, sealing, set, stacking, etc.; 

  • folding box packaging structure changes a lot, can be carried out in the box The structure of folding box can be varied, and it can be processed in a variety of novel ways, such as inter-wall, lid shaking extension, curve indentation, window opening, POP advertising board, display table, etc.

Why is the shoe box using folding box packaging?

Now the folding box packaging is quite hot, see a lot of clothing shoes and hats have chosen to use folding boxes to do packaging, so what is different about shoe boxes with folding box packaging? Folding box packaging, also known as a piece of folding packaging box, folding box in the unfolding is a piece of cardboard, folded up is a boutique gift box. 

There are four major advantages

  • does not take up storage, unfolded to save more than 80% of the space volume;

  • easy logistics, unfolded transport can save 80% of transport costs; 

  • reuse rate, folded unfolded can be reused; 

  • packaging creativity, folding function, a different visual experience, enhance the brand image. And now the folding box packaging has achieved full mechanical automation production, truly good but not expensive.

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