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Development Trend of Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetics have different grades besides the different nature of the products. In order to distinguish the grade of cosmetics, people often use different cosmetic packaging materials and ways to reflect.

1. Easy to carry and not fragile
Modern urban women's life rhythm is faster and faster, and many women will make up on the way to work, and women often need to make up. So carrying cosmetics with you is a habit for many women. Many women use more cosmetics outside the home than at home. So the cosmetics which is easy to carry and not easy to break f is very important or white-collar workers which have limited time.

2. Environmental protection
With the progress and development of society, people's awareness of environmental protection is getting deeper and deeper into the heart of the people. Many European and American cosmetic brands have already put the concept of environmental protection into their brands. Eco friendly cosmetic packaging is becoming more and more popular.

3. Childlike innocence and childlike interest
There is a child living in the heart of a woman. Many women find it hard to resist Kawaii. I believe that many women want to buy a beautiful horse Caron lipstick to home.

4. Pay attention to the packaging color design of makeup
Highlighting women's personality and value. Moisturizing liquid, whitening cream, foundation and sun protection products can only meet the needs of female consumers for basic skin care. If you want to highlight their personal charm, cosmetics is essential. Different cosmetics can give people different psychological feelings, which can be pure and lovely, fresh and elegant, but also fashionable, sexy, intelligent. Therefore, the color design of eco cosmetic packaging not only gives women consumers a sense of beauty, but also brings them rich associations about personality and value.

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