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How to Use Cosmetic Packing Box to Expand the Market

Bringing products to a market provides the small and medium enterprises with growth opportunities who will spend numerous studies, analysis and other expansion cost in aiming at the new market at an early stage. Compared with high advertising costs, it is a good choice to use unique cosmetic packaging boxes to attract users' attention. You have to understand the following points for choosing a cosmetic packaging box:

1. Explore the market

Conducting market research contributes to gaining more information about users. It can be known that the age, income, gender, marital status and specific purchasing habit of target customers from the survey results. On this basis, you can use these information to create a perfect cosmetic packaging box to attract customers.

For example, at present, the consumers purchasing the most cosmetics are between 20 and 35 years old, and different ages have different requirements and budgets for products. Students in their twenties care more about fashion and affordability for cosmetics and packaging. But women in their thirties, different from students whether in economic base or in product requirement, pay more attention to quality other than price.

2. Identify the location

It's necessary to find the product positioning correctly after understanding the target market. If the target audience of cosmetics are mainly students or young women, the color of the cosmetic packaging box is fashionable and bright and the illustration can be cheerful and novel. If it turns to women in their 30s, steady color and illustrations should be adopted for they consider it frivolous and not stable that overly vibrant packaging elements.

3. Build brand image

Every renowned cosmetic brand has different brand images.

It is necessary to explore the market, find the correct position and build brand image in advance before entering the market. It's a wise choice to choose cosmetic packaging box through the above information.

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