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Why Is Cardboard Tube Packaging Becoming More Popular?

Zhitong packaging has become increasingly popular in the business world. Lightweight, easy to transport, eco-friendly, and used in industries such as food and cosmetics. Paper tubes made from recycled paper are also becoming more popular because they focus on protecting trees and reducing solid waste.

Due to the excellent performance of paper tube packaging, it has been widely used in many fields such as cosmetics packaging, essential oil packaging, and food packaging. Whether it is a printed or unprinted cylindrical package, it will be more aesthetically pleasing than square packaging. There are many manufacturers online that provide customized round boxes. The quality of paper tube packaging can be judged by the absence of creases at the edge and good printing quality. We can meet your needs.

Paper tube packaging boxes, also known as tube paper boxes, paper cans, round box packaging, and tube boxes, are mainly composed of tube covers, tube bodies, and tube bottoms. Compared with ordinary gift boxes, their biggest feature is their rounded shape. From the production process, cylinder boxes are mainly composed of outer paper, pipelines, and inner cylinder installation layers. The advantages of paper tube packaging are as follows:

Printed paper tubes are beneficial to environmental protection

Like paper gift boxes, printed paper tubes are also made of paper, an eco-friendly material. As we all know, paper materials are the most environmentally friendly. They come from nature and can naturally degrade after being discarded without harming the environment.

Because the material is paper, paper tube boxes have the environmental characteristics of paper: natural materials, easy to degrade, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

Printed paper tubes are inexpensive

Because the automatic production of cylinder box packaging machinery is higher than that of ordinary paper gift boxes, it consumes less labor and is 40% to 60% cheaper than paper gift boxes.

It does not need to be like a gift box. It can also be a beer-shaped cardboard, slotted, hand-folded, covered, and a few processes can be formed. As long as it is a one-time professional paper tube machine pipeline customized paper diameter.

Printed paper tubes are also easier to assemble than ordinary square gift boxes. With the help of machines, a large amount of mounting paper can be effectively installed. Mechanical production brings price advantages to round box packaging.

Printed paper tubes can be customized

As we all know, since Cai Lun invented paper more than two thousand years ago in China, the types of paper have become increasingly diverse. There are white copperplate paper, leather paper, black paper, colorful fancy paper, and special paper with different lines, etc.

Customers believe that printed paper tubes can print a variety of rich design patterns, in color or black and white. When you get there, you can print it. It can also be used for rich surface treatment or decoration, such as hot stamping, embossing/debossing, overprinting/matte/pattern, screen printing marks, etc.

By installing and printing customer-designed surface paper on the outside, the drum box can obtain rich appearance and pattern designs, introduce products in the box, attract customer attention, and achieve the purpose of enhancing customer brand.

Printed paper tubes can be used for packaging various products

Printed paper tube packaging is suitable for all kinds of packaging. It can be used as a packaging box for cosmetics, mobile phones, nuts, cookies, food, T-shirts, round pencil cases, round candle boxes, glass bottle boxes, exquisite round flowers, electronic products, children's game boxes, etc.

Through the design of different sizes and structures, cylinder box packaging has a wide range of packaging matching uses.


More and more customers pay attention to the environment in daily life and practice sustainable development, including purchasing behavior.

Compared with other coffee packaging such as multilayer bags and small bags, PET cans, metal cans, and printed paper tubes have the characteristics of environmental protection, recyclability, and biodegradability.

As consumers' environmental awareness continues to intensify, it is necessary to look for more environmentally friendly coffee packaging options so that your customers can enjoy delicious coffee sustainably.

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